What have previous attendees have said about the workshops...

The workshop was fantastic!


"As an experienced Make-up Artist looking to update my skills, I attended the one day prosthetics workshop (I wish I'd had the time to attend all three days!). The workshop was fantastic!; Stuart was an excellent tutor - he was informative and insightful, providing us with the skills and techniques necessary to manufacture and apply basic prosthetic pieces.

I would thoroughly recommend the one-day prosthetics workshop to Make-up Artists and enthusiasts alike."

Laura Jane Sessions, Make-up Artist

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This course was invaluable


"I chose this prosthetics course after attending a series of Stuart's evening classes, and it was absolutely fantastic. I've learnt so much in just 3 days. Sculpting techniques; different moulding materials; how to apply a prosthetic to someone, and it's all hands-on stuff!

Stuart is a great tutor, and he's always on hand to assist with any problems and questions. This course was invaluable to the budding special effects artist, but also great fun for anyone who wants to try their hand at something new!"

Dave Felstead




An industry expert who is eager to share


"This practical one-day workshop is ideal for beginners wanting to pursue a career in prosthetics.

From start to finish this practical 'hands-on' course covers the process of creating a silicone appliance in great detail. Packed with information and handy tips from an industry expert who is eager to share his vast knowledge and experience to individuals wishing to learn prosthetic make-up."

Spencer Robertson, Television Art Director





Extremely Valuable


"Stuart Bray's course is extremely valuable, it helped guide me and catapulted my passion for the subject to new heights!"

David Brown



Highly recommended and as cool as beans!


''I've been practicing self taught amateur prosthetics for a good couple of years, and was shocked at how little I understood about things.

His 3 day course in Prosthetic make-up is highly detailed and he is very kind to anyone just starting out in this field, be it for work or a hobby, and just what I needed. I can now do quality silicone and gelatin pieces, make better moulds and work with new techniques.

Stuart shows everything in detail. The whole workshop is hand on from beginning to end, and is for anyone who wants to learn prosthetics. Highly recommended and great value for your money, and as COOL AS BEANs!"

David Foxley, Make-up and Tattoo Artist





Very worthwhile and I would recommend it!


"Hi, my name is Ann and I have just finished the 3 day workshop with Stuart.

I was impressed with the small class size as Stuart was able to give us individual attention, his pace of work was very relaxed yet very informative and his passion for prosthetics is infectious as Stuart draws out your creativity and enhances your work through his own thorough knowledge of prosthetics.

Stuart was always about to answer any queries I had and I was able to work on my sculpture on my own but with his guidance being offered if I felt I needed it. This course is very much worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone wanting this career path."

Ann Cheney, makeup artist 




A fantastic experience.


"Attending Stuart's workshop was a fantastic experience. The course opened my eyes to many effective methods for sculpting, moulding and casting which I felt was my weak point. I learnt more than I expected from just a one-day workshop. I am now very confident in delivering simple but highly effective techniques to my students thanks to a fantastic day worth every penny."

Karla Powell, makeup artist & college lecturer



Highly recommended and great value for your money!


"I've been practising amateur prosthetics for a while, but I didn't realise how amateurish I was, until I met Stuart Bray. His Prosthetic Workshop course is exactly what I needed. I can now produce quality silicone and gelatin pieces, moulds and work with new techniques. Stuart explains everything in detail and wastes no time on theory. Its a great hands on workshop for anyone who wants to learn prosthetics. Highly recommended and great value for your money!"

Rick Wood - Producer / Director TVP




I highly recommend this workshop


"As a beginner practising prosthetics, I found in the 3 day workshop a great way to learn and understand how to produce quality silicone appliances for TV or Film. Stuart not only explains step by step the techniques, but also is open to share tips and tricks learned over years of experience.

If you are looking for a hands on workshop to learn to produce high quality silicone appliances, I highly recommend this workshop and it is a great value for money too."

Diego L Hernandez



I highly recommend this workshop


"The 3 day workshop was both succinct and comprehensive at the same time, Stuart shared with us tips and tricks he has learned over his years of experience in this field as well as sharing time-saving and most cost-effective ways to produce top quality prosthetics needed for film and TV.

I highly recommend this workshop for those wanting a thorough understanding of how to make prosthetics in short space of time. "

Chamia Choudhury, makeup artist



Tuition that was available was second to none


"I found Mr Bray's course to be an essential fundamental step for those wanting to learn or even refresh their prosthetic crafting skills.

The amount of one on one tuition that was available was second to none and was due to the small class which was ultimately beneficial to all."

Karl Barnard



I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it of great value to learn the new techniques and how to incorporate new products such as silicone gel-filled appliances-all in one day!"

Nikki Brannan, makeup artist and college lecturer